Looking Past the Surface

People tend to look at the surface of things and people, and they often miss the truth underneath. A person who is seeking a good relationship might tend to discount those they believe are beneath them socially or financially. They might see the person working at the corner store as nothing more than a clerk unable to find a career, but their assumption could be keeping them from discovering the relationship of their dreams.

Many people have careers today that only last a few decades, but they often find that retirement does not suit them. Early retirement often becomes a time when boredom sets in, so a person who is used to being in the workforce might choose to start off in another field. They could have very little experience in that field, or they might not want too much responsibility. A job at entry level could be just as satisfying to them as one near the top of the company.

While people who enter the workforce without a need for money are looking for social connections, they might not be looking for a long term relationship. Even if they are single, they could consider it not worth their time to pursue someone uninterested in knowing more about them before passing judgment. Their goal is to have a few hours a week to meet new people, but a relationship is much more involved than that. Looking for the love of their life is generally something they do on their own time.

For those who are not interested in looking at a person who serves them, life might not be quite as rich as they hope. Digging into another person’s life could be invasive, but taking the time to get to know them better could lead both of them on a journey of discovery and a new relationship.