The Sudden Discovery

Singles searching for a partner for life are often frustrated by what they find in the world, yet many of them ignore other singles around them. They might have glanced at a person and automatically rejected them. They could have been too short or tall, not good enough looking, or they might even have been dismissed due to availability. All of these are essentially surface reasons to reject a potential partner, and they should be examined in depth. It could cause a frustrated single to come to the sudden discovery that the person they were seeking has been nearby all along.

Being open to possibilities means having good reasons to reject a person as a long term partner. If that person exhibits a failure to get along with others, that would be a better reason to reject them than the fact they do not look like a model. Choosing based only on looks or the ability to climb the corporate ladder could be a failure when it comes to finding someone.

Few people are born looking like models, and even those able to climb quickly up the rungs of the corporate ladder may not be the best choice. A person with a steady sense of duty in their job or the willingness to make the most of the few physical attributes they have could be a better choice. They are able to work with what they have rather than depending upon success due to how they look.

It may feel like settling if a person is after someone who looks perfect by their measurements, but they could find a perfect spouse if they are willing to go past surface appeal. Finding someone to love is about who they are under the good looks or fast climb. Finding that person may be a sudden discovery with just a short chat, and it could lead to a future full of happiness.